Rajiv Gandhi Sports Medicine Center

The Rajiv Gandhi Sports Medicine Centre (RGSMC) was established in 1992 by Kerala State's Directorate of Sports & Youth Affairs. It is currently the only Sports Medicine Centre serving the medical needs of athletes in the state.The Centre provides outpatient care on all government working days from 9.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. free of cost to patients.

RGSMC's primary aim is to:

  1. Prevent sports related injuries.
  2. Rehabilitate injured sports persons.
  3. Restore original physical fitness swiftly and completely.
  4. Prevent sports related injuries

RGSMC offers:

  1. Health care services.
  2. General medical care to sports persons free of cost.
  3. Clinics for prevention of sports injuries by enhancing physical fitness.
  4. Rehabilitation services.
  5. Treatment of sports injuries, including emergency and acute injury management with Physical therapy and Physiotherapy.
  6. Consultation and referral services.
  7. On field medical care and sports medical aid services.
  8. Nutrition and fitness advice.
  9. A full-fledged Physiotherapy Centre with modern equipment.
  10. A full-fledged ambulance which provides on-field medical support and emergency care for various sporting events manned by trained paramedical personnel.

Sports persons including students, trainees, coaches, trainers, veteran athletes, persons with disabilities and disabled sports persons are the usual participants at RGSMC. In addition, Public sector and Department team members, State and National Sports team members and those actively involved in sports or sports promotion are eligible for services.

RGSMC creates awareness about recent trends in Sports Medicine and related sciences by offering seminars, workshops and training programmes for sports persons, coaches, physical therapists, sports administrators and doctors.

RGSMC provides Certification and related services:

  1. Medical certification including for post injury and sickness layoffs and fitness certificates for sports participation.
  2. Obligatory medical clearance and eligibility certification for marathons and weightlifting events.
  3. Compensation, pension and insurance claims.
  4. Age and gender assessment.

RGSMC's treatment modalities include:

  1. LASER Therapy Unit for wound healing and pain relief.
  2. Short Wave Diathermy (SWD) for deep heating of tissues (useful for the treatment of Sports injuries and painful inflammatory conditions).
  3. Continuous Passive Motion (CPM) Apparatus for active mobilisation of stiff joints after injury and surgery.
  4. Ultra Sound Therapy (UST) Unit for early recovery after injury (unit produces ultra sound waves that pass through tissues producing localised heating effect.
  5. Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation Unit (TENS) for relieving Acute and Chronic Pain.
  6. Interferential Therapy for pain relief, muscle stimulation and for chronic and acute conditions.
  7. Muscle Stimulator for the treatment of acute injury. This treatment helps in the regeneration of muscle power during rehabilitation of sports injury.
  8. Infra Red lamp for treating acute muscle cramps and for relief from painful conditions (the lamp produces Infrared rays that cause superficial heating of body tissues).
  9. Traction Unit for a traction effect on the joints of the spineĀ in Spondylotic conditions.
  10. Wax Bath for mobilisation of stiff joints, scars and pain relief (uses melted paraffin wax under moderate temperature).
  11. Contrast Bath for the treatment of painful conditions of the hands and feet.
  12. Spirometer for the evaluation of lung capacity.

To reiterate, the Rajiv Gandhi Sports Medicine Centre (RGSMC) is a full-fledged sports science centre for the evaluation and monitoring of the health and physical fitness ofthe state's athletes. In 2015-16 the Directorate of Sports and Youth Affairs procured an Isokinetic system an Altitude Stimulated Training (ASTRA) facility to ensure excellence in the arena of endurance sports. These are landmark achievements in the history of Sports.