PUNCH is a grassroots level Boxing Training program for girls to be established in 5 district centres in the state. It mainly aims at the development and promotion of Boxing in the state. If the scheme can be implemented as a self-defence program for girls, it will be an added advantage. Girls can develop self-discipline, confidence and improve their physical condition.

The programs main objective is to identify boxing talent among children through an intensive program, to nurture these talents to reach international standards and in the process increase visibility for boxing in the mainstream sporting arena of the state. It aims for the development of boxing in the state by imparting training of international standards and providing necessary opportunities for children to excel in the mainstream sporting arena. Developing boxing skills in the children and providing them an opportunity to play at a higher level will be prioritized along with imparting self-defence abilities in girls through scientific physical training.

The execution of the project will done through the guidance of a team of experts who will identify the talented children through careful scrutiny at selection trials. Intensive training sessions will be conducted under qualified boxing coaches and trainers and conduct periodical refresher courses for their trainers, and update them on current scientific training techniques prevalent in boxing academies around the world. The scheme will be implemented in the state by them as desired by the Government. Monitoring committees will be formed at school, district and state level for the effective monitoring and evaluation of the project. Training centres will be set in one school each in 5 districts across the state. Training shall be provided to 25 girls in each center.