SPRINT is a grassroot level athletics program that is being introduced in Kerala in collaboration with Directorate of Sports and Youth Affairs, Kerala and KinderSports, Pune. As it is known that Kerala is an origin of many ancient ritualistic arts Kalaripayattu which can be roughly translated as battlefield exercise. The essence is that Kerala has a huge tradition of sports activities.

Athletics is one of the prioritized sports disciplines in Kerala with a rich history of producing world class athletes, based on the performance at National and International level.Men and women athletes of Kerala have done the country proud multiple times.Kerala now has in place a state-of-the-art ASTRA facility in place at the Jimmy George Indoor Stadium at Thiruvananthapuram.For performance enhancement, training at grass root level across the state, with inter-school & inter-district tournaments has to be promoted; and we at KinderSports are trying to implement that.


Athletics is considered to be mother of all games. It not only builds one physically but it helps in body coordination and gives one mentalfirmness. Athletics also referred to as Track & Field sport consists a variety of events such as running, jumping, throwing and walking. The sport tests physical abilities of the participants such as endurance, speed, strength, flexibility, balance, coordination and much more. In India, the sport is governed by Athletics Federation of India and is very popular butIndia is yet to produce an Olympic medalist in Athletics.

Athletics has to be selected as a top priority sports discipline to provide continuous training for school going children in the state,between the age group of 5-12 years which aims to bring up talented children from sub urban, rural, tribal and other less tapped areas by catching those young.This program, which will be known as Sprint, would be implemented in (x) districts in Kerala at (x) schools which will involve the training of at least (x) students.


Sprint would be a great step in moving towards India’s participation in IAAF at bigger level. The program would be structured in a way that attains overall growth of kids in all the aspects related to athletics which will enable them to participate in junior national level tournaments. In the first phase, SPRINT would start in FY 2021-22. It would be implemented in (x) major districts of Kerala, (names) in total of (x) schools. This will enable to train and develop more than (x) students. This program will continue to phase 2 by its implementation in FY 2021-22 and there is a high possibility of conducting summer coaching for more talented selective batch in the months of April-May in all the financial years.


• Designated training centers would be opened with all the required infrastructure and equipment. • All the training centers will be headed by professionally qualified athletics trainer. • The total number of students across all the designated centers would be minimum of (x). • This number would be divided into batches of (x) students max, for personal attention, and would be given training for the duration of 45 minutes during the weekdays. • Each student will be trained for the total of 36 hours over the duration of 6 months (24 weeks). • Regular tests would be conducted with the sole purpose of checking the progress and will be submitted to the concerned authorities. • Registration of attendance of every participant will be kept up to date and it will be made available online for the verification process.


There would be a number of selective schools that would participate in the implementation of Sprint. Dedicated sports centers would be opened in the participating schools. The training will be open for all the students interested in learning athletics. Interested students can register themselves through their schools. Maximum number of students per batch is (x) which ensure proper training and attention which can be provided to each student. An attendance register would be made for all the participants where record of their turnout will be maintained.